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Turkey-Middle East or Europe


Posted by nmagann on February 03, 2012

Aside from asking my sister, I noticed the division on the forums. If I were to post a question about Turkey should I use the Europe forum or Middle East forum. I realize I could do both, so please don't repond with the obvious. I've heard reasons for both based on people opinions, but is there really anything concrete? Monetary currency, cultural etc....what would someone who lives in Turkey reply?

I admit, I would like to visit........some day.


Reply by Slug on February 04, 2012

If you look at the Europe Forum, you will see a drop down list of countries on the right hand side - within the list of countries, you will see Turkey listed.

If you go to the Middle East forum, the drop down list of countries doesn't include Turkey.

Igougo have obviously decided it's part of the Europe forums.

I always think of Turkey being half and half in real terms - the western half of the country feels much more European, the east feels much more asian.

Hope this helps



Reply by koshkha on February 06, 2012

Technically Turkey is both - the dividing line runs through Istanbul.


Reply by nmagann on February 06, 2012

Having been to Egypt, if someone asked if I had been to Africa I would want to say no, but technically it would have been. When I look through travel brochures online and there is a similar breakdown as igougo, I have found Turkey to be under Europe in one place and the Middle East on another.

I rather wonder if people from Turkey would be more incline to say they are Europeans or Middle Easterners.

Chris I agree with you. I think it is more of a "feel" answer.

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