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Posted by morriscr7 on October 09, 2011

I've been frequenting the Gulf Coast for 20+ years and have thoroughly enjoyed all of my visits until my most recent trip to Rosemary Beach. I had intended on staying a long weekend, but within the first couple hours of being on the beach returned to find my vehicle had been towed by security. To begin with, the parking at Rosemary is abismal. Each cottage is only allowed 1 vehicle and there are no signs informing visitors as to where they can and cannot park. Now, per their security company, my vehicle was towed 25+ miles away to the town of Freeport. It ended up costing $292 dollars to retrieve my vehicle. The on-site staff were unaccomodating and blatantly rude. I will never visit Rosemary Beach again and advise others to not as well. I suggest traveling a little further down 30A and staying in either Seaside or Grayton Beach.

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