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Posted by Rebecca.Dillard on May 29, 2009

Can someone suggest a few good tours to the place along with list of places worth visiting, shopping options and sightseeing possibilities. Thanks...


Reply by barbara on May 30, 2009

You can read about some of the things I've done in much greater detail in my New Orleans journal, but I enjoyed a ghost tour with friends one night. While some of the stories are obviously just that, the atmosphere in this city lends itself to this sort of activity. You sip a drink and walk around the historic district with your group and guide. It's a fun (and safe) way to see some quiet side streets bathed in the eerie glow of gas-light. Going to hear live music in a small club is kind of a NOLA must as well. Even if you just sit through a set or two. And the food! Research your restaurants and make reservations to allow for touring in that area.... I.e. see the Garden District the day you go to Commander's Palace for lunch. I assume they still have a self-directed walking tour they'll give you to use to see some of the houses in the area. Just ask for it and use it to look around.... There's a great bookstore tucked in that neighbourhood that offers tons of signed books including a cabinet stocked with valuable first editions if you're into that sort of thing.... Barbara

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