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Trip dates


Posted by koshkha on August 14, 2011

Ever since you changed the submission forms when the competition was going on a couple of months back, we are no longer asked for trip dates when submitting a review. In fact if you want to put dates on, you have to edit the review post submission to get the fields to show up.

Is there any way we could get this back please?

Also, would you ever consider to just have month and year rather than month - date - year? I'd like to info on when I went somewhere but if it's more than a few months before, I generally have to take a guess at the actual date (whereas I know the month and year).



Reply by nik'smomStaff on August 15, 2011

Hi Barbara,

The review writing process was optimized to make it easier and shorter to add new reviews. One of the changes that was made was to remove the trip dates field. Since they were optional, IgoUgo found that they were not being used by the vast majority of contributors.

However, you do make a good point and offer a good suggestion. We will keep this input on the front burner and, as always, thank you for your contributions to IgoUgo!

Kind regards,

Terre G. and the IgoUgo Team


Reply by koshkha on August 15, 2011

Thanks - it's good to know. And for anyone else who misses it, you can add the date after the review is submitted using the 'edit' button. The screen that comes up has the date options.

Terre - I suspect one of the reasons the dates don't get used is because they can be too precise. A month and year - or even just a year - would be easier to complete and might get used more.


Reply by nik'smomStaff on August 15, 2011

This is a good observation and will be fuel for discussion between our tech team and editorial staff.


Reply by phileasfogg on August 16, 2011

May I butt in and add my two cents to this conversation? I agree with koshkha that trying to remember the exact date is often impossible - I admit to having resorted to a 'I thought it was that' date, at times - but as far as the month is concerned, I think that's important. Experiences of a tourist attraction, or a service, could differ widely from one season to the next - whether it's peak tourist season or not, for instance. It's good for readers to be able to know whether what they're reading (good or bad) would apply all round the year or not.



Reply by koshkha on August 16, 2011

Absolutely agree with you Madhulika. Time of year is a bit factor in our experience of places.

Year can also be important - Take the example of the trips I did in Libya - if someone reads those in future, they'll probably need to know if they were written pre- or post-Gadaffi. I have fears not only for the people but also for their fabulous historic ruins - when I went, they looked fantastic. Who knows what the conflict might do to them.


Reply by nik'smomStaff on August 16, 2011

This is giving us some food for thought and we will definitely work on this. Thanks for the great input and feedback!


Reply by koshkha on August 16, 2011

Thanks Terre - I'll shut up now ;-)


Reply by phileasfogg on August 17, 2011

And so will I!

Thank you, Terre.



Reply by nik'smomStaff on August 17, 2011

We appreciate the input, suggestions and participation. Keep it coming!


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