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Cross country trip?

Posted by aoiluna on August 10, 2011

I was going to plan a cross country trip in the United States and was wondering if anyone here has done this before. I live in Ohio, and am looking to hit up North to Oregon, down the West coast, and back to Ohio passing through the south. This will all be a road trip and I am looking to take at least a month but hopefully 2 to do this.

If anyone has done this or has any suggestions of must stops, please advise :)

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Reply by MilwVon on December 13, 2011

>>>has any suggestions of must stops, please advise<<<

You've given readers little to go on as to your interests. What I might consider "must stops" could bore you to tears.

Why are you doing this trip and what do you hope to see/do?

Are you going by car or RV . . . camping or hoteling?

What else about you are you willing to share?


Reply by vampirefan on January 12, 2012

Von and I have both addressed this issue numerous time.

Who all is going. Is this a family..friends..couple? Do you need family friendly activies or rugged outdoor adventures.

This is a road trip. When are you looking to go? It will do no good to mention a great ski resort if your traveling in the summer or a great water park if your traveling in the winter. How many places to you want to stop? You're looking to travel a great distance.

Are you looking for big cities..small towns..outdoors????

I used to get paid allot of money as a travel agent to do this very thing. But if my clients didn't give me the information I needed in order to assist them...then I told them to get a guide book and map and let me know when they had some idea of what they want.

When you give us more definate plans..then people will be glad to help you.

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