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Vacationing in Texas

Posted by doubtful_00 on June 29, 2011

We are looking to have a "stay-cation" here in TX to reduce monetary costs. Does anyone have any ideas for a fun, adventurous, different trip here in TX? We won't be interested in Six Flags or any of the larger commercial locations.


Reply by barbara on July 06, 2011

Texas is a gigantic state that could swallow many a country. Where in the state are you located? If near DFW, you can do the touristy stuff like the museum the that looks over the road where JFK was shot, but I'd only use that as a type of "hub" to give you a starting point. (Similarly, there are some very nice art museums in Fort Worth.) But if there or in Austin, I'd say look to the outdoors if you want to do something different and fun. Hiking, biking, horseback riding. Find some spot where you can really appreciate how large that Texas sky really is.


Reply by nik'smomStaff on July 09, 2011

Hi doubtful_00,

My daughter and her husband visited Marfa, TX recently. They happened to be in San Antonio and decided to take this side trip. Look into Marfa -- quirky, artistic, small town atmosphere. I can't recommend a hotel off hand, but there is a lot of literature out there on Marfa. And if you go, report back! We'd love to hear about it. (Here is a 2008 IgoUgo journal from melinaustin:


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