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Redeeming Amazon Gift Certificates in the UK


Posted by phileasfogg on June 26, 2011


I live in India, and plan to order the new Samsung Galaxy Tab - which, of course, if I get shipped out here from Amazon, will cost me the earth! So, since I have friends and relatives living in the UK (and someone or the other coming to India every few months), I thought it would be much more economical having it shipped to them in the UK, from Amazon UK.

My problem: the 'redeem Go Points' page on IgoUgo, if I click on 'resident of UK' shows the number of points redeemable against dollar equivalents - whereas Amazon UK only shows prices in pounds. It's the same with Amazon Germany - the IgoUgo page only shows USD gift certificates, not euros.

How does this work? Does IgoUgo provide gift certificates in currencies other than USD? Has anybody out there in the UK tried redeeming stuff from Amazon UK through here? Would be grateful for any inputs or advice anybody might have!



Reply by nik'smomStaff on June 27, 2011

Hi Madhulika,

Yes, we do provide gift certificates in other currencies and they are converted according to the current rate listed on

I also want to refer to a previous forum post answer:

"Since 6,000 GO Points are always worth $25 at, their worth at is based on the exchange rate the day the voucher is processed.

We like to determine the dollar-to-pound conversion with the currency converter from Yahoo:;to=GBP;amt=25

It does vary a bit depending on the day the points redemption is processed, but it doesn't generally change too much within a week."

If you have a particular situation, as you mentioned, you can always reach us here on the forum or directly at

I hope this helps and please let us know if you need additional information.

Kind regards,



Reply by phileasfogg on June 28, 2011

Terre, thank you so much! That really helps. I'd gotten a bit desperate because I have a friend returning from the US in a week's time, which wouldn't have been enough to process my gift certificates, but now I can take my time - because there are others coming from the UK in July and August. Thanks a ton!



Reply by koshkha on June 30, 2011

Hi Madhulika - It works just fine. Normally it's around about £30 to $50 or thereabouts.


Reply by phileasfogg on June 30, 2011

Thanks, koshkha. My husband checked it out by cross-checking the prices on both Amazon US and Amazon UK for something that's already been released (what we're aiming to buy hasn't been released yet)... and he discovered that the prices boil down to about the same.

In any case, the person we thought we'd ask to get it for us from the US will be returning with loads of stuff of his own, so he won't be able to carry this for us! The UK it'll have to be.


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