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Posted by Vegasaholic on May 15, 2009

I just wonder if anyone can tell me anything about the Mirage. I had heard that the whole MGM corporation was in big trouble because they overextended themselves in the City Centre project. I heard they would be going bankrupt today. Has anyone heard anything ? Are thye going to be restructuring? Are the doors still open at least? Love to find out what is going on? Annette

Reply by edp123 on July 29, 2010

I stayed their last month and twice during my stay they tried to debit my account with separate bills of more then $200.00 that I did not incur. I got those bills wiped and after I checked out of the hotel and returned to Australia they hit me with another bill I did not incur. I sent them an email and they answered saying I had incurred expenses at the Carnegie Deli. I challenged this and they don't return emails.

Don't trust them. Sonething very fishy is going on.

Ean Petersen

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