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Moving reviews around


Posted by koshkha on May 17, 2011

Can anyone remind me how to take a review out of a trip?
When I go beyond the five that are needed for a trip, I sometimes keep adding more until I know I'll have enough to make another trip collection. But it's been a while and now I can't remember how to remove one from an old trip. No problem to put it into a new one, but I'd like it not leave it in more than one trip.

I'm having a dim afternoon - can't remember how to do it.


Reply by nik'smomStaff on May 17, 2011

Hi Koshka,

When you bring up the journal, pass the cursor over the title (or body) of the review you want to work with. On the right hand side, two icons will appear - one for remove and the pencil for edit. You should be able to remove that review from your journal with the "remove" tool.

Let me know if that helps.

Kind regards,



Reply by koshkha on May 17, 2011

Got it - thank you.

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