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Have you Traveled in the Philippines?

Posted by jasonstrent070 on April 29, 2011

Personally i had been to Boracay and enjoyed the white beach there. Been to Baguio and Galera too, all are unforgettable experience. Have you traveled in the Philippines too and how is it?

Reply by St.Angelo on May 31, 2011

Unlike traditional hotels, I stayed in a stylish apartment that offered all the space and comfort of a home right in the heart of Manila. This condo allowed me to experience the richness of staying in this most dynamic & vibrant area. We were near the heart of Malate, Manila's night life district.

We were surounded by wonderfull new shopping malls, with the Mall of Asia ( The largest shopping Mall in Asia) within a 5 minute cab ride and Robinson Mall less than 900 meters in the other direction. SM Harrison Plaza was also within walking distance.

The sunset at Manila Bay is also one of the most spectacular in the world. It can be enjoyed along Roxas Boulevard where one can take a leisurely stroll and arrive at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

It is also the center of economy, tourism, politics, culture and sports in the country. The place is in top location and accessible to public transport, close to National Museum, the historical attraction Intramuros, and many others.


Reply by koonel on June 01, 2011

I have been to the Philippines several times over the years. At first it was with the military when I was a kid. Now retired early, I have made it back every few years or so for a while to see old friends or whatever. Last trip was 2 months ago. The last few trips I preferred to stay in Manila vice going here and there like when I was much younger. Got enough sunspots on my face already from frying myself on beaches!

In Manila I stay in the Ermita area of that city. This part of Manila is almost a straight shot down Roxas from the airport. My preference is a hotel on or near Mabini and over the years this has usually been the Lotus Garden or the Citystate Hotel. Last time was the Citystate. Breakfast included in both places but the Lotus Garden has a better buffet. (Cheaper places also available in this Ermita area.)

There are a couple expat bars who will book hotel rooms for you at discount in Ermita. I have used the G Point Pub several times over the years. This way no credit card is used and you get a discount and everything can be done by email to the bar.

From the US, UK, Oz and many places in Europe you will get a free 21 day visa entry stamp. The airport is a little old and used looking but gets the job done. From the airport over the last few years I use a taxi service called the "Yellow Taxi" service. This taxi has a sign up desk at the airport, just outside arrivals. Flag fall is higher than a regular random taxi that you fight for at departures but half the price of the regular airport transportation service. You get a receipt that identifies the taxi and pay the meter fare at the hotel.

In this Ermita area you can walk to many restaurants, bars, travel agencies for tickets and tours. (Tours not as cheap as Thailand though!) You can also walk to the Robinson Mall, the MRT and casinos.

Have fun.

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