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tips for apply Iranian visa on airports


Posted by hmdliven on April 08, 2011

Apply Iran Visa upon arrival at the Iranian international airport

You may want to Know which Countries can Obtain the Tourist Visa at Iranian Airport, One or Two week tourist visa to Iran, the Iranian ministry of foreign affairs introduces the operational procedures for 7 to 14 days Iran Tourist Visa upon Arrival. Nationals of some countries holding ordinary passports and wishing to visit Iran mainland, can obtain a one or two week Iran Tourist Visa upon Arrival.

Following Iranian airports apply you Iran Visa upon arrival

1. IKA: Tehran international Imam Khomeini Airport
2. THR: Tehran international Mehrabad Airport
3. ISF: Isfahan international Airport
4. MHD: Mashad international Airport
5. SYZ: Shiraz international Airport
6. TBZ: Tabriz international Airport

well, this is the basic details; but this entry visa doesnt work 100 % surely always and i recommend you to apply through iranian travel agents even the entry visa, they give you a visa code to which you can apply your visa at airport

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Reply by koshkha on April 09, 2011

Interesting but WHICH countries can do this? I was in Iran four and a half years ago and getting the visas would have been a nightmare if we'd not gone with a group. Do you have a list of the countries that can do visa on arrival please?

Iran is a fabulous country to visit - if you can get in ;-)


Reply by nikzad on October 16, 2011

Hi dear ,

I think all the nationalities except Israil , USA, England, Canada, Colombia,
Pakistan ,Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, , and Somalia
can get VOA at the IKA airport and the other international airports
in Iran .

But the better way is getting visa in advance from one of
professional travel agencies.

best regards

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