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reasonably priced hotels in Amsterdam

Posted by Deb McD on March 23, 2011

We are planning to go to Amsterdam in September (24th-30th).
We are interested in a smallish hotel that has breakfast, and is reasonably priced.
Any recommendations?

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Reply by koshkha on March 25, 2011

What do you call 'reasonable'?

Reply by Deb McD on April 05, 2011

$100-120/nite - is that a possibility?

Reply by samudev on April 19, 2011

Amsterdam is not so cheap place to stay but you can get a cheap accommodation in any of the hostels. Most people traveling on low budget opt for hostels as they are nice and cheaper places to stay in. But you need to book them early so that they don't run out of rooms.


Reply by koshkha on April 21, 2011

If hostels are your thing then that's probably a good option. Personally knowing the kind of people who go to Amsterdam on the cheap and what they like to do for the weekend, I'm not so sure it would be my choice!

If you can't find something at the right price in the centre, try looking further out in the suburbs. So long as there's a train or tram station nearby you can save a lot of money without too much extra travel time or inconvenience.

Any of the hotel comparison sites can help you with narrowing down the field. I see you don't need a place until September so you have plenty of time and the prices should be lower at that time of year than they will be in the summer.

Good luck


Reply by barbara on June 05, 2011

You might be able to get a prepaid deal at the Novotel in just above that price range. That's not a small place--it's a large European chain similar to the Holiday Inn in the US--but they sometimes run specials. It's worth a look anyway. You aren't going to be right in the center of where you want for tourism, but there's a train/tram right by the hotel that you can take into the city at very little cost to you. The transportation is easy to use, and many of the Dutch speak perfect English. People are happy to help you when needed.


Reply by koshkha on June 06, 2011

The novotel in A'dam is really nice.

Reply by realu on June 06, 2011

You can stay near Amsterdam there definitely cheaper

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