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Visit Leopolis Grand Prix in June

Posted by matera on March 23, 2011

You've got a chance to see the retro car festival of Leopolis Grand Prix on June 10-12. It's the first event of this level in Ukraine. Lviv Grand Prix is included to the official program of Lviv festivals. You'll be able to see
- the retro car race
- retro cars presentations
- car parades
- fashion shows, etc.

Also, the regular stage of Ukraine Closed-Circuit Car Race Championship as well as the amateur car race of "Diplomat Rally” have beeen moved to Lviv on the occasion of the festival.

Leopolis Grand Prix dates back to September 8, 1830. The first closed-circuit racing
was organized on the track which is still called Lviv Triangle (the streets of Vitovskogo (former Pelchyńska), I.Franko (Sw.Zofji), Stryjska and Gwardiyska (Abramowiczów-Kadecka). The track was believed to be one of the most complicated in Europe because it was paved with cubes and some streets had a considerable elevation.
By the way, the famous Gran Prix of Monaco started only a year before. Teams from all over Europe took part in the racing. Unfortunately, Leopolis Grand Prix was cancelled in 1934 because of the economic and political crises.

The renovation of Lviv Gran Prix was initiated by "ZAZ-Kozak”, the automobile club of Zaporozhets ZAZ-965 owners. Supported by the city authorities and Polish Consulate, the event is expected to be held on the highest level.

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