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help! newbie looking for a secluded honeymoon???


Posted by shrinkingspace on January 16, 2011

Hey there, I am so new at this, but I'm looking for a honeymoon getaway for may/june. Neither of us have ever imagined doing something like this. Which basically means up until 2 days ago i was ENTIRELY clueless haha at anything involving the Caribbeans. I've been absorbing a lot about island location, I read alot about the flat arid beaches offering that ideal white sand etc...and the more moist, rain forest places (St. Lucia, Antigua, more west Indies? offer that natural beauty) I think as long as there is a beach that is beautiful I'd really like the natural beauty aspect volcanoes, mountains, rain forests, and beach...that sounds heavenly.

I want to preferably look at something all inclusive or something that would balance out if we paid for meals. My budget is small 3,000 or a little over, considering we have to pay airfare. I think we both ageed that 4 nights at a place we love would be better than staying at a rowdy resort for 7 nights. It doesn't have to be 5 star, haha, but something that feels like a cabin in the woods at the Caribbean.

So here are the things most important to me

-intimate feel, somewhat secluded. I've seen some built into hillside that are very private. I really don't want that resort style place with every activity imaginable, while it would be fun to do some things, like diving, snorkeling, hiking etc but when it comes down to it, the intimate feel and secluded living space FAR outweighs any activities. we're looking more for a romantic quiet get away as we are 2 single parents that have been raising young children on own own

-I LOVE the private plunge pool, or private out door jacuzzi idea. The idea of sunbathing or having our own place to sit in the water sounds romantic

-I also really loved some of the outdoor showers I've seen...I love the idea of bathing in nature

-I saw some that having simple yet tasteful furnishings like ti kaye village or la luna, Some have this rustic feel I can see myself drawn to

there are so many I've booked marked but I realized I could really use some direction from seasoned traveler and I have no idea as to all inclusive rates, and honestly am getting a sense of the islands but still feel way in over my head. Anything people could offer would be a huge help.

what are the best sites to book through for either flights included/all inclusive or flights/room packages, or separate flight booking sites and separate room/package booking sites. There are so many on the web, and I'm sure that some have a better reputation than others.

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Reply by Ishan on January 19, 2011

Hi shrinkingspace,

One of my favorite sites for full (hotel + air) packages is Cheap Caribbean, they often come out with nicely discounted packages:

If you want a secluded experience, stay away from the Spring Break weeks (pretty much all of March). Luckily, most of the resorts have their own "private" beaches so you should be left to your own if you pick a pricey enough spot, haha.

I don't know of many secluded places, but I can recommend a few hotels that are less "party: and more about relaxation:
- Aqua Cancun (
- Caneel Bay, St. John (
- Jade Mountain, St. Lucia (

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