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Wildcat Dianne

Posted by Wildcat Dianne on January 04, 2011


A couple of times in the past couple of weeks, I have had messages in my inbox from people who are not interested in travel but for either relationships or looking for money. The last one was by a member named johnkennedy who claims to be the son of Patrick Kennedy, and is looking for money for some outrageous cause.

I thought you folks were working on blocking this kind of nonsense. If any other legitimate members have had these e-mails show up in their inboxes, please stand up and be accounted for.

Thank you.


Reply by nik'smomStaff on January 04, 2011

Hi Dianne,

We are working on this (continuing) problem and are deeply annoyed and irritated to see that these spam emails still persist.

Please know we are doing everything we can. It seems once we have a solution, they find another way in through the back door.

Thank you for your patience and we will keep working on this issue.

If you do see spam and want to report it, email with the spamming member's name or you can message me with the same information.

Kind regards.



Reply by phileasfogg on January 05, 2011

Me too - I got a spammy mail from John Kennedy as well. I was too annoyed right then to do anything except delete his message and block him, but I guess he needs to be blotted off IgoUgo!



Reply by koshkha on June 23, 2011

Got another one - can you zap 'lovere' please


Reply by nik'smomStaff on June 23, 2011

Thanks for letting us know. Again, thanks everyone for your patience.



Reply by samepenny on July 05, 2011

Yes, I got some of those as well and have blocked each sender. It bothers me that this is happening.


Reply by koshkha on July 05, 2011

The annoying thing is that when you get a notification of a message, it's quite time consuming to go off, open the site, log in, go to your inbox and then find some sleazoid scammer who has absolutely no interest in travel.
My responses (before I block them) are far from ladylike. I hope they plug them into their ineffective auto-translators and get the message.


Reply by koshkha on July 09, 2011

Please zap 'soniagodwin' and her 'perfect body figure' - Jeez these scammers are the scum of the earth and spoil our site.


Reply by nik'smomStaff on July 09, 2011

Thank you Koshkha for letting us know. We have been looking into these last few attackers, and it also helps greatly when our members notify us when this happens. Again, we extend our apologies to all.

Terre and the IgoUgo Team

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