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Honeymoon to France

Posted by shamsy2011 on December 29, 2010

Hello, I am Kim from South Korea.
Next year (2011), I will marry my future wife. So, I am planning to go to Paris and others (where you advise) as a honeymoon. The date is from May 8th to May 13th. (5nights, 6days).
I am thinking that the travel budget is €4,000 includes flight, hotels, any activities, meals… everything. The flight price will be €2,000. So I can have only €2,000 for travel.

Here is something what I would like

1. Where to stay : For 2 nights cheap price hotel or inn in Paris. I hope the hotel or inn have fully equipped kitchen where I can cook and eat.
For the other 2nights unique hotel that can be boat-hotel or hotel near the beach.
Last 1 night, I would like to stay luxury and romantic hotel.
2. What to see : Musée du Louvre, Aux Champs-Elysées, Arc de Triomphe, La Place de la Concorde, Pont Neuf, Tour Eiffel, Cathédrale Notre-Dame. I think all those things in Paris and can see in 2 days.
3. What to do : Dinner with beautiful night-seeing on the Seine River boat. If possible skydive or other activities what you recommend.

That’s all I’ve been thinking of my honeymoon. I need your advices for my schedule. And I hope to hear your suggestion for the honeymoon. And please recommend great hotels, other places with reasonable and possible price. Thanks a lot and happy new year.


Reply by barbara on January 03, 2011

I think you can do your Paris highlights in 2 days, but you won't be able to linger much. You might want to make sure that includes 2 nights as well. The Arc de Triomphe has always had a very short line when I was in Paris, so I've climbed to the top more than once. If you're adding things like skydiving, you're going to need more time. There are a ton of great journals on France and Paris on the site. I've written a few myself. I might also suggest taking a day (a half day at minimum) to go to Versailles, especially if you like history. This is near Paris, so why miss it? Then take a fast train to Provence? That's always a romantic section of the country. Good luck!

Wildcat Dianne

Reply by Wildcat Dianne on January 04, 2011

I agree with Barbara on the Arc de Triomphe. The line is shorter than the Eiffel Tower, and you get a great view of Paris from the top. Other great trips in Paris are walking the Champs Elysee, the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, and a day trip to Versailles.

If you can swing it, Kim, I would get out of Paris and explore the Loire Valley and go to the chateaux there. I visited Chambourd, Chenonceau, and Amboise almost 26 years ago (YIKES!), and there are other chateaux in the area you can visit.

Another trip is to visit the Normandy Beaches where the D-Day invasions took place on 6 June 1944. There is a museum at Arromarches with exhibits about the Allied invasion and you can still see rusty landing barges sitting in the English Channel.

Paris might be expensive to spend a lot of time there, so spend a couple of days there and then go into the countryside where your money might stretch a little more.

You can check out my journals on France, too, when you have a chance.

Have a great trip and looking forward to hearing all about it in your journals when you return. Congratulations on your marriage!


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