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Nature Park Bulgarka

Posted by RobertSullivan1973 on December 09, 2010


My name is Robert Sullivan and I am an American Peace Corps volunteer living and working in Bulgaira.

I am writing to inform you about where I work, Nature Park Bulgarka, which covers an area of 22,000 hectares in the heart of Bulgaria, running east and west along the slopes and ridges of Shipchenska and Trevnenska, between the cities of Gabrovo to the north and Kazanluk to the south.

The park is home to dozens of miles of hiking trails, biking paths and ecological trails with displays discussing the local environment. It is also home to many species of animals, plants and important historic sites.

Unfortunately, the park is relatively new – less than a decade old – and so it is listed relatively little tourist promotion literature and on few maps.

More information may be learned at: www.ppbulgarka.net

Do you have any suggestions or comments about how I may get the park publicized in travel literature?

Thank you.


Reply by eyesoftheworldStaff on December 09, 2010

Hi Robert,

The park looks very beautiful! I know you can ask it to be listed on Lonely Planet and Nile Guide's websites right from their "contact us" page. Print publications I'm not so sure about... but it wouldn't hurt to ask about that, too.

The park is on IgoUgo, here: http://www.igougo.com/attractions-reviews-b1403269-Bulgaria-Bulgarka_Nature_Park.html.


Wildcat Dianne

Reply by Wildcat Dianne on January 04, 2011

Hi Robert!

I am hoping to come to Bulgaria at the end of April to visit a friend in Veliko Tarnovo. How far is Bulgarka from VT? I am looking at seeing as much of Bulgaria in 6 days as I can, and I would appreciate any info you might have.


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