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Brown derby and Scifi cafe

Posted by retro bird on April 12, 2009

Why do the guys on the desk who always refuse a walkin reservation have to be so rude with smarmy looks on their faces I was pregnant and made to feel very unhappy at both these restaurants does Disney really care who they employ.


Reply by artsnletters on April 13, 2009

And where in North America are these restaurants?


Reply by koshkha on April 13, 2009

Do you think that just because you are pregnant they'll free up a table that somebody else pre-booked?


Reply by onesundaymorning on April 13, 2009

I'm very surprised to hear that. I've eaten at both restaurants and found that, like all Disney World restaurants, that the service was excellent. During peak periods at the park reservations are almost always required since tables fill fast. The Disney website offers the phone number to call for reservations and urges people to call at least a month in advance. I'm very use to waiting a minimum of 30-45 minutes during busy times to get in if I made no reservations.

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