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Posted by koonel on September 20, 2010

The AIRPORT RAIL LINK is up and running now. An introductory price of only 15 baht is being charged now until the end of December. This 15 baht price is for the multi stop City Line route.

This train station is located a couple levels below the first floor. There are signs in place showing you how to get there.

The final stop for the City Line is at Phaya Thai where you can switch to the Skytrain. If you have a hotel on or near the Skytrain route you can get to that hotel pretty cheap. One thing to keep in mind that the Skytrain stops running at midnight. After January the City Line is supposed to run 24 hours a day.

At Phaya Thai you can easily walk to the Skytrain ticket window by using a handy bridge connecting both platforms. There are hotels at this Phaya Thai stop only short walk from the ground level entrance. Florida Hotel is one hotel less than 5 minutes away.

I have taken this rail link a few times once late at night and a couple times during the day hours. Even if you do not have a hotel near the Skytrain route a meter taxi, only paying the meter fare, from Makkasan, Ratchaprarop or Phaya Thai to other parts of Bangkok won't cost that much. Under 70 baht for a meter fare taxi ride to the Nana area on Sukhumvit is one example.

Some hotels will still be easier to reach by taking a bus or meter taxi from the airport. You just have to figure out what transportation fits your needs.

The few times I used the Rail Link it had quite a few passengers. From the Ratchaprarop station you can walk up to Phethaburi Road if you want.

So far so good!

Reply by bobkerry on September 27, 2010

i must say this airport link for sure proves to be the best one and it seems to be very much convinient for most of us too....
by this now we can easily travel here and there and can save our time too


Reply by koonel on September 27, 2010

You can save time and you also can save MONEY too using the Rail Link! Even when the price increases to the normal fare the City Line portion will only cost around 45 baht to get to Phaya Thai. At Phaya Thai you can connect with the Skytrain for hotels along that route. Or, you can simply use a meter taxi to continue to other hotels not on the Skytrain route or too far to walk from a Skytrain stop.

You can take a taxi from either of the last three stops but Ratchaprarop and Phaya Thai are closer to main streets. But it depends on where your hotel is located. When you take a meter taxi in Bangkok only pay the meter fare and the price is cheaper than bargaining the cost. Meter taxis are cheaper than tuk-tuks unless you are Thai. Meter taxi starts at 35 baht. If one driver wants to bargain get another taxi - there are hundreds of them cruising around!

Have fun in Thailand.


Reply by Gard on October 08, 2010

I stopped by Bangkok recently and I used the opportunity to test out the pretty new airport express train. I was staying on Sukhumvit road so I decided to take the train to Makkasan, switch to the subway (MRT) and then walk to the hotel. Here is my summary with a few photos in my travel blog . As you will see from my conclusion, the switch from train to MRT is still a bit too much of a hassle so I would still recommend taxi all the way or maybe a combination of train and taxi.

Gard - trip reports and photos


Reply by koonel on March 18, 2011

The last time I used the Rail Link was just over 5 weeks ago. The connection between Rail Link and Subway at Makkasan is still a problem that authorities are aware of. There is some construction in the area you walk through, pavement is rough, etc. In a round-about way to get to your hotel you can use the Rail Link to connect to the Skytrain at Phaya Thai. There is a walking bridge that connects the Skytrain to the Rail Link.

If your hotel is near the Skytrain route you can use a combination of Rail Link and Skytrain to get to it. Maybe a total of around 85 baht and still faster than a bus. Rail Link price to Phaya Thai on City Line is 45 baht. The cost of the Skytrain depends on where your stop is located.

I use a meter taxi from Makkasan to near the Ibis Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 4 and the meter fare was around 70 baht. There are hotels right at Phaya Thai you can walk to, the Florida is one. From Ratchaprorop you can walk to many hotels if you want. One of the closer hotels is the P.R. Place. Maybe a 10 minute walk to the Baiyoke Boutique Hotel and other places near it. Some cheaper hotels also on sois that meet with Ratchaprorop. Photo below (Indra Square) shows Ratchaprorop Rail Link in the background. P.R. Place is on the left, Baiyoke in the background. Side soi on the right side of photo, under 7-11 Store sign, has cheaper hotels too.

I would like the Rail Link to remain open after midnight, maybe at least another couple hours. The midnight closing doesn't allow the many passengers arriving from N. America and other late arrivals to use the rail.

Good luck.

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