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Cool Summer Destinations in Georgia


Posted by Utraveler on July 07, 2010

Summer is a much awaited time of the year across the world. Although plans for the summer begin much before the arrival of the season, it is never too late to plan that perfect getaway from your daily grind. So, what are the factors that one should look for in a great vacation spot?

Picture this: ideal climate, scenic beauty, majestic mountains, crystal clear beaches, good amenities, great nightlife and more. Now, before you start wondering, whether such a place exists with amenities for all, let us introduce you to Beautiful Batumi.

Batumi: The Vacationers Choice
Batumi officials expect 800,000 tourists this season. It is one of the livelier cities of Georgia and has an ideal climate, scenic beauty and many amenities. Its coastal location and sub-tropical climate make it a popular choice for vacationers across the Caucasus. It's the party capital of the region with a night life to match. July/ August are the time for Georgian sea lovers to plan their summer vacation and itinerary.

What are the fun things you can do in Batumi?
The sightseeing at Batumi offers lots of refreshing natural beauty. It takes just a couple of days to cover many attractions within the city and in the region around it like- Gonio castle, Water dance and Music show at night, A deep Botanical garden, Seaside park and Museums showcasing traditional Georgian art and culture .
Batumi has pretty good shopping amenities. There is something for everyone in your family, so you can shop for fresh produce and take back souvenirs from an array of locally made handicrafts apart from some of the finest wines and antiques.

To rest your tired feet from shopping, go to the park with a sea facing promenade, and hop-in to one of the many cafes spread amongst the trees. Here you can relish the taste of refreshing Batumi-style Turkish coffee and traditional snacks such as kebabs (mtsvadi) and Acharuli Khachapuri ( loaf of bread filled with cheese, fried eggs and butter).

New Attractions- If you willing to try something very different and rewarding then make a visit to nearby “Tsitsinatela” -the largest leisure centre in Georgia. Tsitsinatela is situated in Ozurgeti region, Shekvetili village. There are 40 kinds of attractions: “Kamikadze”, “Children’s Tower”, “Ferris Wheel” “American Slides” and many more to keep you and your family enthralled and entertained. Tsitsinatela is to Georgians, what Disney Land is to Americans.

Get the best offer for your Stay
Some of the sparkling new hotels like Hotel EraPalace offers the best Georgian Hospitality and is conveniently located in the city centre, 200 meters from the sea, 5km from the airport and just 20 km from the Turkish border. EraPalace is an eight storeyed building that offers ample space with choices in suites, deluxe rooms, double rooms and triple rooms priced economically. There is also a conference hall well equipped with projection camera, conference table among other amenities like restaurant and a cafe-bar.

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