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Advice on route ZAG-DBV or DBV-ZAG

Posted by msreduch on June 13, 2010

In September we are going to fly into either Dubrovnik or Zagreb and fly out of the other, driving the coast and staying at several towns along the way.

My question is whether there is any advantage to driving the route in one direction or the other.

WE HOPE TO TICKET THIS WEEKEND, so would really appreciate input from fellow travellers.


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Reply by midtownmjd on June 14, 2010

Hi msreduch,

I did that drive last September, and I can't think of an advantage either way; we happened to drive north from Dubrovnik, but not for any particular reason. I'm sure you'll have a GREAT trip regardless of what you decide!

Have fun,


Reply by michale12 on September 25, 2010

As I promised in my last trip report, here is a trip report from Dubrovnik.

Bjanka, Anja and I were supposed to buy plane tickets ourselves, but Croatia Airlines prize game spoiled our plans.

This year Croatia Airlines is celebrating 15 years of flying under its current name (for a short period of time they were called ZAGAL and they were flying for UPS and transporting exclusively mail).

Croatia Airlines posted prize questions on their website every day from the 5th of May till the 19th of May at 12 o'clock. The person who would e-mail its response quickest would get a free return ticket on one of the domestic lines.
And that's how we played and gained.
It finally arrived, the 15th of June - the day of our journey.
Our school finished the day before so we chose the afternoon flight for take off. We didn't want to take earlier flight cause the night before we were celebrating the end of our school year.

Rijeka and Zagreb are divided by 165 km. We arrived in Zagreb with a new Toyota Yaris who was driven by Bjanka's mother.
We left from Rijeka at 11:30 and arrived at the Zagreb airport Pleso at 13:20.


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