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is it worth a visit ....?

Posted by zulko on June 10, 2010

i want to visit Phiilipins next month ,,,is it a nice place , ?
i am more intresting in scuba diving and serfing ,,,
i will be happy to get anny advice

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Reply by Maximilian01 on June 24, 2010

Thailand has always been great place to visit especially the beaches of the southern region. It is certainly a paradise for travelers, Thailand has achieved remarkable achievements in the fields of fine arts like music, dance, paintings, sculpture and crafts.

It has many beaches with scuba diving and surfing ....


Reply by koonel on July 05, 2010

There are lots of diving opportunities in the Philippines. A simple Google check will come up with many choices.
Like this:

If you haven't been to Asia at all Thailand would be an easier introduction because they do tourism a little easier.

For the Philippines, if you choose that country your trip will usually start with a flight to Manila. Some tourists are so eager to "get some sun" that they skip Manila and then end up with other problems like connecting flights scheduled too close together or long stays at the airport. If you do visit Manila or even Bangkok make it easier on yourself to see the capital city for at least a couple days. During this time you can book flights or other transportation to beach areas.

If you need hotel recommendation mention a price range and you will get some suggestions close to that budget.

Here is an expat forum you can look over:

Good luck.


Reply by runawaygourmet on August 02, 2010

I would have to say that Cebu in the Philippines is definitely worth a visit. It's a well rounded destination for the whole family, for lovers, or even for the solo backpacker. Filled with beautiful scenery, pristine waters, glittering nightlife, and more!


Reply by jasonstrent070 on April 29, 2011

Yes it is really worth it. http://travelphilippinesguide.com/ could help you know more about some great tourists spots in the Philippines. Also some important details are there.

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