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Posted by liam0882 on May 22, 2010

i found this place right in front of the marina. such friendly staff and a great atmosphere. they have a meal for 1 euro every night at 8pm!!! got some great info on the best places to see and what to do. would highly recommend it

Reply by jackhudson on May 22, 2010

waw you got fantastic place for and i cant believe that in europe any one can provide a meal in only one euro!!!


Reply by Worldhopp on February 28, 2011

Make sure to check out la champagneria in barceloneta. Not as cheap as a euro but 2 sandwiches at under 10 euro each will get you a dirt cheap bottle of cava as well. Its usually packed as well, and with no tables make sure to wear something you don't fancy as there's a good chance you'll leave covered in cava.

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