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Welcome Back VampireFan!


Posted by MilwVon on May 11, 2010

I just wanted to publicly welcome her back to IgoUgo! She is Hall of Famer and someone with some wonderful travel stories.

She has returned with a flurry . . . five journals on her travels around Arizona! I wish I was that industrious to see enough to have content for five . . . and the time to write them all.

Welcome back my friend!


Reply by vampirefan on May 11, 2010

Thanks! That means alot to me :)


Reply by phileasfogg on May 12, 2010

Good to have you back, vampirefan! And good to know you've been going places...



Reply by nmagann on June 03, 2010

Ditto from me!


Reply by vampirefan on June 04, 2010

Thanks guys! It makes a girl feel good!

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