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Is it possible to buy 1 day travel card in advance (i.e. for the next day)?

Posted by Ron2ron on May 05, 2010

Is it possible to buy a 1 day travelcard in advance at a railwaystation ticket office for the London area?

Background for this question:

I will gtravel to London next week and arrive at ST Pancrass with a child 13yrs old. We did not have enough time to preorder the fotocard, and also want to use the 2for1 promotion (for this I need a paper ticket with the nationalrailway sign)

I understand that I can buy a paper 1 day travelcard at the railway ticket office but do not want to return to the station each next (4) days.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Regards, Ron

Reply by VisitBritain on May 06, 2010

Hi Ron,

You can always buy 1 day Travelcards in advance. We can designate the start time by stamping the date on the card. Feel free to visit:

You can make purchases there directly and the cards will ship out within 1-2 business days.

I hope that helps your cause.

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