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Valentine's Day Treats


Posted by barbara on February 14, 2009

Anyone travelling for Valentine's Day? If not, forget this fabricated date for romance. Do you have any past trips that pop to mind when you hear the word "romance"?

My husband and I took a trip alone to Cornwall around (though not necessarily FOR) last Valentine's Day---walked around the ruins of Tintagel Castle, ate pasties on the beach, shared an ice cream cone---and it was one of the most romantic vacations of our marriage... No special occasion. It was just about spending time with each other... alone.


Reply by koshkha on February 15, 2009

I'm having a lovely giggle about the idea of a romantic encounter with a Cornish Pastie!


Reply by creekland on February 15, 2009

Yesterday hubby and I (and our 13 year old youngest son - so not quite alone, but didn't ruin the day in the least) spent our day mainly walking the beach in and around Long Beach/Gulfport, MS as a day trip from our campground on Lake Pontchartrain. The weather was nigh onto perfect and we essentially had the beach to ourselves. We walked, talked, joked, played frisbee and a few other made up games in the sand. We followed it up by eating in a local diner in Slidell, LA that had terrific southern food. I couldn't have written a better day.

For what it's worth, it's incredible to see the amount of devastation still here from Katrina - over 3 years ago. It really has to be seen to be believed.

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