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IgoUgo Recognizes the Best—and (Gasp!) Most Uninhibited—
Travel Reviews on the Web with its 2005 U GO! Awards

NEW YORK, NY – October 10 2005: IgoUgo, the world’s leading online travel community, has announced the winners of its 2005 U GO! Awards, aimed at highlighting the best travel journals and most passionate travelers from a 350,000-member strong community. This, IgoUgo’s fourth annual awards, pays tribute to 15 exceptional travelers and also debuts the “TMI” (Too Much Information) award, which is given to a particular member whose travel passions just took her a bit too far.

How much is too much when it comes to a travel review?

“After I was led to bathing area, an extremely large, extremely jolly, extremely naked woman invited me to join her on the floor by the water basin. I became putty in her hands. She threw me down on the floor, scrubbed me hard, surprised me with bowls of water in the face at alternating temperatures, pounded my back harshly and gave me a human mammogram, all the while singing loudly off-key and yelling ‘MAAssageMAAAssageMAAAAssage!’ ”- From member, Skewed Style (Click here for Skewed Style’s full review, “Bathtime! Hangin’ in Hammams”)

All IgoUgo members and those journals submitted between July 2004 and July 2005 are eligible for the U GO! Awards. Nominees are chosen by their fellow IgoUgo members, who then vote for the winners through an online ballot.

“Every review on IgoUgo comes from the heart, but these 15 winners stand out for their remarkable passion—writing the kinds of reviews that really get your blood pumping,” said Jim Donnelly, Vice President of Marketing for IgoUgo. “We have a lot of fun searching for the winners each year, and discovering so many passages that can get us laughing, make us think, and further inspire us to hit the road.”

And the 2005 U GO! Award winners are…

IgoUgo Member Awards

Member of the Year: Owen Lipsett
Rookie of the Year: vampirefan
Photographer of the Year: Captain Oddsocks

IgoUgo Journal Awards

Traffic-Stopper Award (Best City Journal) - awarded to member actonsteve
Brazil with an African drumbeat - the exotic city of Salvador de Bahia

Fresh Air Award (Best Non-City Journal) - awarded to member btwood2
Black Hills Blues

Flex-Your-Muscle Award (Best Active/Adventure Journal) - awarded to member Golem
Swapping suits and commutes for conservation work in the Ankarafantsika National Park.

“Are We There Yet?” Award (Best Family Journal) - awarded to member zabelle
Cape Cod with the Hooligans

4x4 Award (Best Off-The-Beaten-Path Journal) - awarded to member Hun Ohm
The Notorious Route 7 in Laos, and Other Tales

Bargain Bin Award (Best Budget Journal) - awarded to member HankFontaine
Two broke students, a $400 car, and 4,700 miles

Mint-on-the-Pillow Award (Best Luxury Journal) - awarded to member jenandfrank
Bora Bora - You have to see it to believe it

Love Boat Award (Best Cruise Journal) - awarded to member hagnel2
Days Ashore in the Med. Spain, Morrocco, & Gibraltar Part Two

Tour Guide Award (Best Cultural/Historical Journal) - awarded to member kjlouden
A Case of the Guide Leading the Guide

Side-Splitter Award (Most Entertaining Journal) - awarded to member JayBroek
Amsterdam - why I shouldn't go abroad alone

Anything Goes Award (The Just Being a Fantastic Journal) - awarded to member KJP
The Italian Job: Rome, Part I

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