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Dan Ward

Top 10 Reasons to Use IgoUgo

  1. With all these off-the-beaten-path suggestions, you could feasibly get through an entire vacation without running into anyone sporting a fanny-pack.
  2. You can tell your mother about your trip without actually having to talk to her.
  3. You're going to Duanesburg, New York. Good luck finding that in a guidebook.
  4. Real travelers translate marketing-speak. Don't be surprised if "charming" really means "miniscule." "Old-world"? Let's just say you shouldn't expect air-conditioning.
  5. GO Points = free stuff. Enough said.
  6. If you're looking for a way to escape your day-to-day grind, reading travel journals is a lot less expensive than online gambling.
  7. You can search out destinations where your children will never find you—not just Fiji or Myanmar but a hole-in-the-wall pub outside Times Square, too.
  8. You can meet interesting, like-minded people… in your underwear.
  9. Those great travel deals you get will make you look smart—not just cheap.
  10. A long-term log of your trips means you can bore your children and grandchildren with your travel memories even when you start to forget them yourself.