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IgoUgo Names 10 Cities in Europe That Won't Break the Bank

New York, NY, Dec.19, 2007 – Every year, thousands of people flock to Times Square to celebrate New Year's Eve, while others sit on the couch at home watching the ball drop on TV. Why not start the New Year off with a less predictable celebration in a new city?

Real travelers from the online travel community IgoUgo visited cities around the world and identified some surprising alternatives to "major" celebrations—great warm, cold, and unusual places to celebrate the New Year.

"Our members offer candid tips about where to go and what to do once you get there, including popular holidays like New Year's," said Cameron Siewert, IgoUgo's Editorial Director.

Here are IgoUgo’s top 10 "out-of-the-ordinary places" to spend New Year’s Eve based on recommendations from IgoUgo members:

Instead of Rio de Janeiro, try Valparaiso
Rio de Janeiro is great, we all agree, but slightly overrated for New Year’s Eve. One IgoUgo traveler enthusiastically recommends another incredible South American spot where celebrations are huge: Valparaiso, Chile, also known as the San Francisco of South America.

Instead of Paris, try Vienna
There is no doubt Paris is unique and its New Year’s celebrations are amazing. Vienna, though, can be a huge surprise, writes one IgoUgo traveler: "The streets were bustling with revelers as early as 6pm—the spiced wine was flowing and people of all ages were dancing to live music."

Instead of Sydney, try Cape Town
Planning a long and far-away trip? Have you ever thought of going to South Africa rather than Australia? An IgoUgo traveler has excellent tips for spending an unforgettable beginning of the year in Cape Town.

Instead of New York, try Boston
New Year’s Eve in Times Square? Do you really want to get squashed among millions of people, wait in the square for hours, and realize you lost all your friends in the chaos? Why don’t you try sophisticated Boston? Beantown is lively, affordable, and still a big-city celebration, according to one IgoUgo traveler.

Instead of Florida, try the Bahamas
You don’t have to spend a fortune to experience paradise on New Year’s Eve. The Bahamas are affordable and a far more exotic alternative to Florida. An IgoUgo traveler strongly recommends them for unforgettable celebrations.

Instead of Toronto, try Ottawa
If your plans were to explore our neighbor, Canada is a good choice. One IgoUgo traveler recommends Ottawa after he had a really great time there: parties, parades, and a very active nightlife!

Instead of Tokyo, try Singapore
Do you want a flavor of the Far East for your “exclusive” New Year’s celebrations? Singapore could be a better idea than Tokyo. Take note that an IgoUgo traveler found Singapore a fantastic party place with millions of things to do.

Instead of London, try Bournemouth
This might be a “risqué” suggestion, but for those who want to get away from the Trafalgar Square madness and feel like a trip out of town, Bournemouth in Dorset, England, could be an enlightening experience, says an IgoUgo traveler.

Instead of Auckland, try Queenstown
Once in New Zealand it is important to know where the best events for New Year’s are celebrated. Queenstown is the place to go, according to an IgoUgo traveler. “If you enjoy being outside and getting to walk around and dance for New Year’s Eve, this is the place!”

Instead of Edinburgh, try Dublin
Celts always celebrate things with passion (and beer!). One IgoUgo traveler loved Dublin for New Year’s Eve. So instead of Scotland’s big parties, this year you might give the bells of Ireland a try.

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